Hello Zaynoona

I want to finally put more fabric back into your closet (if you want it of-course, judgment-free zone here!). Whether you live modestly everyday or just need something with a bit more cover for that special occasion, I'm here to take the guess-work (and endless searching) out, and put a little more fun into finding that something special.

Live, Laugh, Dress Modestly.

Modestly Yours,


Zaynoona Story

Hello there Zaynoona (means cutie!), So glad you can join us in celebrating the beauty of modesty. I'm beyond excited to share our story with you because, well, you're the reason we do what we do.

The problem

We were SO tired of endlessly searching for modest clothing, only to come up empty-handed. And we were feeling frustrated by the lack of options that met our specific level of modesty. It felt as if we had to compromise our personal values just because the fashion industry didn’t keep us covered (quite literally!).

...that created zaynoona

Your one-stop destination for MODEST FASHION. We absolutely believe that modesty is a personal choice, (so no judgement here, ever.) and that you may define modesty differently from us (or the same, but still we love celebrating differences!). For that, you’ll discover a curated collection of diverse styles so that you can Do modesty, your way. We've got you COVERED, quite literally!

Some beautiful words...
Some beautiful words...

Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!

Coco Chanel
Some beautiful words...

The less you reveal, the more people wonder.

Emma Watson